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Bougainvillea Club in Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
Address: Shiling Town Flower City Zip: 510850
Tel: 86912222     Fax: 86913333
Entertainment services industry: the catering operation karaoke OK song and dance halls, tennis, table tennis courts, squash courts, open fields, hunting, ice-skating rinks, video game, beauty salons, fitness centers, small

Guangzhou Oriental Club Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District, Admiralty Post Code: 510405
Tel: 86632888     Fax: 86620163
Entertainment services industry: operating restaurants, cultural entertainment, tourism, information consultation and services supporting the conference center.

Guangzhou Center for Health, Culture and Sport Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Address: Huangpu District of Guangzhou to Hong Kong before the No. 49 Road, Post Code: 510700
Tel: 82293442     Fax: 87609695
Entertainment services industry: operating steam bath, bowling, table tennis, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, bars, fitness room, beauty salon, video game, and other entertainment facilities.

Guangzhou Apollo Sports Rehabilitation Center
Address: Overseas Chinese city of Panyu Dashi made Xun East Building Post Code: 511430
Tel: 84783710     Fax: 84787033
Entertainment services industry: medical rehabilitation, counseling, health, karaoke SOK, beauty, Chinese and Western food, steam bath, massage care.

Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone, San Diego Casino
Address: Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone on the 3rd Circuit beads Zip Code: 511457
Tel: 84686877     Fax:
Entertainment services industry: Chinese and Western restaurants, karaoke OK song and dance halls, steam fitness, video games, table tennis, beauty.

Conghua City Tourism Wonderland Plaza Co., Ltd.
Address: Conghua, Guangzhou Street in the East China Sea River Town Lot Zip Code: 510925
Tel: 87981880     Fax:
Entertainment services industry: The Western diet, hair beauty, table tennis, video games, skating rink, bowling, sauna fitness (excluding massage〕 of the opposite sex, children's play (video games to be

Guangzhou Royal catering services, entertainment Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address: Conghua City, 28 East Road, Post Code: 510900
Tel: 87928998     Fax:
Entertainment services industry: Business and Western restaurants, karaoke dance halls OK.

Guangzhou Ziyun Shan Country Club Co., Ltd.
Address: Ziyun Villa Xintang Town by Zip code: 511348
Tel: 82701718     Fax: 82703601
Entertainment services industry: the clubhouse, Chinese and Western restaurants, karaoke dance halls OK, disco dance, table tennis, bowling, tennis, video games (excluding gambling), sauna (not including 3335

Sin Village Guangzhou International Golf Course
Address: Sin City by the indigenous fruit tree farm villages Zip Code: 511335
Tel: 82933888     Fax: 82933168
Entertainment services industry: Sin City by the original towns and villages fruit tree farms in the construction, operation of an 18-hole international standard golf course and its facilities, rest homes member.

U.S. Department of Guangzhou Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Address: The new city by the new road next to the Town Lai Post Code: 511340
Tel: 82707666     Fax: 82700137
Entertainment services industry: operating bowling, snooker, table tennis, games (games subject to the relevant departments of public security and cultural approval to operate).

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