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Guangzhou Eastern Oriental Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District, Admiralty 668 Reservoir Road, Post Code: 510405
Tel: 86632888     Fax: 86620163
Other comprehensive technical service: the provision of convention and exhibition services, catering, entertainment, hotel services, consulting, services, hotel management, leasing and management of the Oriental.

Guangzhou-Ho Teng-market strategy Services Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou Tianhe West Road LAM and on the 1st Guangzhou International Trade Center, 32-room floor, BC Zip Code: 510075
Tel: 38783248     Fax: 38783252
Other comprehensive technology service industries: business investment adviser market research business planning information industry Information

Guangzhou Xin overseas Chinese business investment advisory services to study center
Address: Guangzhou City Huangpu Road 163, Fu Xing-commerce East Tower Building, 9 F J, K suite Post Code: 510620
Tel: 85516499     Fax: 87583841
Other comprehensive technical service: the provision of business, investment and advisory services abroad.

Guangzhou Tianyu Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address: Dongshan District, Guangzhou Huanghuagang Technology & Trade Building 313, B Street, Zip Code: 510600
Tel: 87756416-8683     Fax: 87766160
Other comprehensive technology service industry: power system planning and feasibility studies, design, advisory services and consulting services to nuclear energy. Processing and assembly equipment of the power engineering enterprises

Guangzhou Mattel Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou Baiyun district with towns and villages to spend Cloud View Post Code: 510515
Tel: 87280686     Fax: 87280679
Other comprehensive technical service: the provision of various types of toy testing, engineering and production consulting services.

The new Guangzhou Development Industry Co., Ltd.
Address: Lok Road, Guangzhou, China 53 Lok House, 15 South Tower Building, Post Code: 510060
Tel: 83804802     Fax: 83808735
Other comprehensive technology service industry: to engage in national policy to encourage investment projects to allow the management and advisory business

Guangzhou Co., Ltd. Guang
Address: Yue Hua Road, Guangzhou City, 91, Post Code: 510030
Tel: 83189888     Fax: 83301349
Other comprehensive technology service industry: Chinese and Western restaurants, laundry, meeting rooms and parking services.

Guangzhou B
Address: Guangzhou Tianhe District No. 110 Dongguan Zhuang Road, Post Code: 510610
Tel: 87237077     Fax: 87236189
Environmental Protection: B commitment

Lam (Guangzhou) Limited Building
Address: Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone of the Eastern Post Code: 510730
Tel: 38781033     Fax: 38781036
Other comprehensive technology service industry: research and development projects and project management software to provide information on the investment advisory services, planning and construction 33e6 project management consulting services to technology

Guangzhou-century culture, science and technology development Co., Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou Tianhe Hi-tech Development Zone Industrial Park in the eastern suburbs Zip Code: 510665
Tel: 85558200     Fax: 85558286
Publishing: Co-published book science and technology, audio-visual products and electronic publications; production and sale of a cultural, educational, intellectual toys; take computer typesetting, electricity sub-offset business

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