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International logistics, international air transport, international shipping, international air transport: We are making arrangements for international air transport, GA, AY, TG, OZ, AI board package, including the operation of the volume, Guangzhou, Hong Kong Airport to operate directly, in order to ensure accommodation for the visitors, with the most Good price and services.

Comfort Guangzhou International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Comfort Guangzhou International Travel Service Co., Ltd. "to undertake travel in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao tour, Business Travel Incentive Travel Conference on Tourism travel around the country, will be room service!

Guangzhou, China Travel Service
Guangzhou, China Travel Service

China Hotel
Address: Liu Hua Road, Guangzhou City, Zip Code: 510015
Tel: 86666888     Fax: 86677288
Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation: Hotel Cafe Restaurant Bar laundry tenpin bowling swimming pool sauna sauna (same-sex massage) beauty drink alcohol at home and a 32fc broad Hall of business

Guangzhou International Hotel
Address: Ring Road of Guangzhou City on the north side of the middle Huaguo Shan. Zip Code: 510160
Tel: 86660357     Fax:
Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation: Main: room apartment rental office. Run: Chinese and Western restaurants tea dance hall gym sauna (excluding massage)-assisted shopping and entertainment facilities

Guangzhou Jia Ning Na Chaozhou restaurant Ltd.
Address: Liu Hua Road, Guangzhou City, 120 Dongfang Hotel in Guangzhou Post Code: 510016
Tel: 86669900-3318     Fax: 86527055
Dinner: Main Chaozhou Chinese food (including snacks, beverages, tobacco, alcohol), with karaoke facilities OK (Kara OK and cultural projects should be reported to the Public Security Bureau before they can operate

Lido Hotel, Guangzhou
Address: 182 Beijing Road, Guangzhou City, Zip Code: 510115
Tel: 83321988     Fax: 83323413
The hotel industry: Tourism, restaurants, office buildings, shopping centers, the rental market, recreational games, karaoke OK, car parks and so on.

Guangzhou Huajin Wang Rong Zhuang Korean Restaurant Ltd.
Address: Ring Road of Guangzhou City, on the ground floor of 329 Post Code: 510090
Tel: 83587008     Fax: 83587008
Dinner: food production and operation of the retail cake of a retail liquor

Guangzhou Tianhe whole Regal Entertainment Hotel Limited
Address: Guangzhou Guangyuan Road East River section of the second floor of Building Post Code: 510500
Tel: 87633960     Fax:
Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation: Chinese and Western restaurants Hall karaoke bar OK

North Park in Guangzhou Chaozhou seafood fishing port
Address: Small Yuexiu District in Guangzhou City, 200 North Road, Post Code: 510050
Tel: 8399888     Fax: 83555618
Dinner: Business, mid-range seafood, Chaozhou-style restaurants, karaoke OK, with tobacco and alcohol beverages (OK required to obtain a karaoke culture, public security departments of the certificate of approval for their operations

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