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Guangzhou-or hardware products Limited
The factory for hardware products for the plant, its own mould design, development, manufacturing capabilities, the existing multiple external pressure equipment to undertake the processing hardware stretch. For Material: stainless steel, cold-rolled plates, aluminium, copper, and so on. Specifications are not limited to welcome来人calls to discuss cooperation, common development.

Yu Guangzhou, the Joint Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Yu Alliance was founded in 2000, touch, touch-screen production and marketing professional, industrial touch monitors and touch query one touch-screen machines and other equipment. With their own brand TOUCHKIT, Yu touch together. Taiwan Acting EELY, Canada MAPLETOUCH, in the Antarctic computer Wuhan City, Nanchang And Beijing have set up branch offices across the country to set up distribution agents, in order to better and more convenient service to customers, and our agents and distributors around the co-operation.

Kelahaite (Germany) Technology Co., Ltd.
Specializing in the production of a variety of automotive HID xenon lamp, ballast, GPS, providing information HID inquiries.

Auten Guangzhou software sector (customer management software)
Auten specializing in CRM software system software research and development, sales and service company, is engaged in early research and development and marketing of CRM software companies. Through years of research and development of CRM and more than three years of national sales, is set to form a product R & D sales, consulting services, information-based strategy consulting the three major CRM solutions into a service brand!

Guangzhou Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. cell source
Our company is the core of IBM and HP agents, the main agent of our company IBM and HP servers, PC and other products, at the same time we also compatible operating, printers, supplies, and other computer peripherals products, we take the network works, and I We will wholeheartedly serve you! If you have any questions or need anything, please call your trouble! Contact: Zhang Bin (13416274267)

Asian computer bar code value for the production of the Department of
Professional printing self-adhesive trademarks, marked cloth, tag, bar code computer paper, computer products, such as serial number.

Fortis Haizhu District of Guangzhou hand model plant
Because it is hand-assembled, so that it can be directly reflected in the structure of the reasonable or not, the ease of installation. To facilitate early detection of problems, to solve the problem. 3. Directly to avoid the risk of mold: mold because of high manufacturing costs in general, the larger the value of the mold and even hundreds of thousands of millions, if in the open die in the process of discovery structure is irrational, or other problems, and its loss would be Knowledge. And the production of hand can avoid such a loss, reducing the risk of mold-opened.

Guangzhou state tournament bar code Technology Co., Ltd.
State tournament is a commitment to the professional bar code technology company, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for bar code applications, the main products include TEC, GODEX, TSC, BEIYANG bar code printers; PSC, HHP, CASIO, LandTech, HI-SCAN Barcode scanners; a variety of materials, specifications for self-adhesive paper label, tag clothing, jewelry and related labels ribbon

Luositaike Guangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Luositaike Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the garment industry enterprise management software development and implementation of high-tech enterprises.

Criss-cross paths in Guangzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Security is committed to monitoring, public broadcasting, such as systems integration business, at the same time agents of the Great Wall, Founder, Le Dai, and other desktop devices and digital products that it promote the use and value-added services. The company has passed iso9001-2000 certification. "Honesty, innovation," the purpose of the operation and a "customer first, quality first" philosophy of service to criss-cross paths in the industry and customers get the nod, has won many business customers and long-term support and trust.

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