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Xiang taste Firebird s 49b6 ports nutrition food shop
Xiang retail ready-to-eat foods taste \ sports drinks \ cigarettes \ mobile phone recharge cards; Barbecue supplies video. Car rental. Services: by phone or online reservations, according to the needs of customers purchasing parity, door-to-door, the value of goods received 2 - 5% service charge, service charge at least 5 yuan.

Guangzhou, about to heat Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou, about to heat Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to a hotel, factories, hospitals, office buildings, schools, provide customers with energy saving, environmental protection and safety of air-source heat pump hot water system of high-tech enterprises. Company and York Work closely together from the air-conditioning design, energy saving and environmental protection, scientific research institutions, construction , And other high-level technical personnel, professional production to about air-source heat pump hot water unit control system.

Tai Guangzhou International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou City, East Central, 496-500 GF Miramar Square Garden floor before 120 121 Zip code: 510075
Tel: 87604355     Fax: 87608833
Tourism: Tourism: recruit foreign tourists to China and returned overseas Chinese and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao and Taiwan compatriots on the mainland travel back to their travel arrangements for the transport brittle

Guangzhou, China Spring and Autumn Park Co., Ltd.
Address: Nampo city by the new Town Village Zip Code: 511340
Tel: 82701829     Fax:
Tourism: New Town in the city of Nampo by the building of village tourism and cultural and entertainment facilities in the East with matching food store.

Guangzhou Kwoon Chung Bus Co., Ltd.
Address: Central West Road, Guangzhou City, 158 Post Code: 510010
Tel: 81990434     Fax: 81990435
Bus and tram industry in the city: Guangzhou urban, suburban passenger bus line.

The new tourist center of Guangzhou, Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou New Baiyun District Canton Road from the East Park Post Code: 510405
Tel: 86627715     Fax: 86627713
Tourism: tourism, vacation homes, hotels, entertainment, film, theater, performance art (field) hospital, OK karaoke halls, restaurants, cafes and Western-style restaurants States

Guangzhou park on the sea cruise Ltd.
Address: Sai second terminal in Guangzhou Post Code: 510130
Tel: 81861928     Fax:
Tourism: Tour of the Pearl River, Lin Fa Shan Tourism; Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, coffee shops, photography, canteen, recreation room, entertainment, karaoke dance halls OK.

The new Guangzhou Guangzhou Bus Company
Address: Huangshi Road, Guangzhou City, a northern suburb of 1 Zip code: 510430
Tel: 86637820     Fax: 86641615
Bus and tram industry in the city: Guangzhou urban public transport of passengers, using its own media design, the production of various types of advertising published.

Fu Guangzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. and Guangdong travel
Address: Guangzhou South China National Tourism Resort Golf and Country Club on the second floor of the office building Zip Code: 510515
Tel: 86691967     Fax: 86691967
Tourism: car, bus rental, car repair, gas station resort, car rental booking services; tourist bus line; road passenger transport.

Taxi Ltd. Guangzhou rich clams
Address: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Tak Road 88 Zip code: 510235
Tel: 84313789     Fax: 84264110
Taxi industry: taxi operators and taxi companies of the maintenance business, run gas stations and car parts distribution (retail) business.

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