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The place of entertainment of Guangzhou can be found everywhere, it is a very easy thing to look for the place of a amusement in such a metropolis, can go to the golf course, court, bowling club in health care while wanting to build up body; Wany to relax dementia can get to the dancing hall of Karaoke disc, bar ; Can go to the Zhu Jiang River to take the ocean liner while wanting to award the night scene; Want to understand the culture of Guangzhou, can go to odeum, museum ,etc. . Ordinary billiard rooms have spread all over the streets and lanes of Guangzhou, the price is cheap, is the recreation that the ordinary people like. There is traditional theatrical piece Guangdong opera in Guangzhou, it is flexible and fine and smooth to perform, the vocal music in a Chinese opera is smooth and changeable, tuneful and harmonious, have long been known as "ormosia of the southern part of the country ", well received by people in Guangzhou.

Night cruise of the Zhu Jiang River
Come Guangzhou must see t beautiful dim light of he Zhu Jiang River night carefully, best method to take the pulley in Zhu Jiang River, the voyage begins from the west dyke quay, by the end of bridge of Guangzhou, sip tea and award the scene on the ship, more than 30 beauty spots can be seen on the way.
There are three orders of classes every day in the night cruise of the Zhu Jiang River, including the evening 18: 00--20: 00, 20: 00--21: 30And 20: 30--22: 30. The admission fee is generally 38 yuan , 48 yuan (including the meal coupon of 10 yuan), 68 yuan of luxurious ocean liner , 98 yuan (including the meal).

Bar street, ring bar street, city of way, Binjiang of way, white goose pool bar street are Guangzhou famous bar street. The bar street on the road of Binjiang is at the edge of the Zhu Jiang River, the environment is graceful, there is sentiment very much, ring bar, city of way street flourishing location in city center, and white goose pool conditions and customs bar street newly opened bar street, lie in sweet-smelling village head dyke way, the ZhuJiang River white goose pool side, steps into " the bar street " , the exotic atmosphere rises of itself.

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