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Guangzhou is the front place that reform develop of China. After the reform was developed, Guangzhou has changed greatly, in ten major cities of the whole country now, comprehensive strength ranks the third. In 1999, Guangzhou first realized the modernization basically according to creating and developing the new advantage again, the overall thinking of build the modernized key city, rounded the economics and society development goal "three are guaranteed" closely. Pioneer and keep forging ahead, strengthen management, has taken a series of to promote the policies and measures between economic growth and social progress, macroscopical economical operation has kept the good situation of steady growth continuously, economic running quality improves to some extent, the re-set target of the main economic indicator is realized as scheduled. Urban appearance "little to in one year" succeed in realizing, every social cause grows vigorously, the living standards of the people continue improving Country's national economy appropriate grow fast. According to the preliminary statistics, the gross domestic product in Guangzhou is 206,337 million yuan in 1999, increase by 13.3 percent compared with that of last year. Among them, the value-added of primary industry is 9,284 million yuan, increase by 9.7 percent; The value-added of the secondary industry is 92,071 million yuan, increase by 14.7 percent; The value-added of the tertiary industry is 104,982 million yuan, increase by 11.9 percent; the proportion of value-added of first, second, third industries to gross domestic product is 4.5, 44.62 and 50.88 percent respectively. Per capita gross domestic product is up to 30,400 yuan, increase by 11.7 percent, calculated by average exchange rate in that year, reach 3668 dollars, arrange before occupying in ten major cities of the whole country. 45732 yuan for each person of labor productivity of the whole society calculated by increasing value, calculated by constant price, increase by 9.7 percent compared with that of last year.
Every reform continues moving forward. 1999, Guangzhou discusses and makes the management system reform of state-run assets, enterprises lead the concrete implementation methods of such the country and enterprise reform as the system reform, enterprise's distribution system reform ,etc.. Continue improving light industry and the Second Light Industry Burea, Guangzhou steel and recombination of the metallurgical group; Such a number of enterprises as the color TV of Rowa , ten thousand treasure refrigerators ,etc. have radiated vigour through recombinating transformation. Shareholding system. Reform and Company reorganize work make the new development. The multi-level social security system is complete progressively, the coverage rate of living out one's life in retirement, unemployment insurance is expanded further, industrial injury, the birth insurance works and develops constantly. Such several reforms as the finance, investment and financing , house , price ,etc. move forward steadily.
The employment keeps steady. Labour department of the city statistics show, laid-off worker of area of Guangzhou enterprise 25,400 at the end of 1999, accounts for 1.35 percent of the total amount of workers in the whole city; Registering the total unemployment 64,600, the urban registered unemployment rate is 2.53 percent at the end of the year. Have already distributed and arranged the laid-off worker 5,700 people and reemployed in the whole year, Place the unemployment and transfer 116,100 people to obtain employment .
The decreasing amplitude of the price of market is narrowed progressively. Urbanite's total level of consumption price dropped 1.5 percent, total level of retail price of goods to drop by 3.2 percent compared with that of last year in 1999, decreasing amplitude narrows 0.8 and 0.5 percentage points compared with that of last year separately. The rural resident's total level of consumption price drops 3.8 percent, total level of retail price of goods to drop by 4.6 percent compared with that of last year, decreasing amplitude narrows 1.5 and 0.8 percentage points compared with that of last year separately.

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