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Guangzhou is a south well-known city of Guangdong with very abundant folk national conditions and customs. Guangzhou is on the basis of celebrating the Spring Festival, New Year's Day , May Day , National Day etc. traditional national festival in recent years, have launched the eight major festival celebrations activity that has the characteristic of Guangzhou very much once every year: The winter jasmine flower market during the Spring Festival and birth of the temple of Polo in Lantern Festival, the second lunar month Boluo temple meet, Dragon Boat Festival (there is grand festival celebration during this time - -The dragon boat festival), lotus festival of Fanyu, the litchi festivals of Conghua , Zengcheng, the Chung Yeung Festival, the travel art festival of China and Guangdong merry-making festival, gourmet festival of Guangzhou ,etc..
In addition there is chrysanthemum exhibition held every spring and autumn, the festooned vehicle held on New Year's Day cruises, the lantern fair of the Mid-autumn Festival on the Mid-autumn Festival, and the travel literature and art joint performance of Guangzhou held in October, etc., have added beautiful color for this flower city of Guangzhou.

The Mid-autumn Festival
The Mid-autumn Festival, it is a folklore of Guangzhou, the moon is the roundest when being the brightest on the 15th of the eighth lunar month in every year, that people propose round with the moon to the family reunion. Famous sentence of Su Shi: "People have separation and reunion, it is overcast and fine and round and scarce in the moon", exactly chant the moon and send the miss to relatives and friends lyrically distantly. The people in Guangzhou must admire the full moon at the Mid-autumn Festival night. The furnishings square table, lay out such seasonal fruit cakes as moon cake, shaddock , frying spiral shell , fragrant taro, longan ,etc. in the balcony or vastly, one house the old and the young sit around together, talk of everything under the sun , sing, eat fruit cake, until fall in the moon at night scattered. Most households are also keeping tradition of visiting the moon besides admiring the full moon. At the Mid-autumn Festival night of Guangzhou, will also hold the lantern fair. Bright moon reflect the lantern, heaven and earth is very bright; Admire the full moon view light, with "thousand lies of moon altogether" blessing and praise.

The Chung Yeung Festival
It is the custom when years old of Guangzhou to ascend a height on the Chung Yeung Festival. The ninth day of the ninth lunar month in every year is the Chung Yeung Festival. Ascend a height on the Double Ninth Festival, it is lucky to fetch it. People mainly ascended a height, swept a grave, flew a kite on the Chung Yeung Festival in the past. After the seventies, ascending a height on the Double Ninth Festival held on day is more popular, and the custom of flying a kite has been already rare, the persons who sweep a grave greatly reduce too, and rely mainly on traveling in mountaineering. Guangzhou people most choose White Cloud Mountain, beautiful mountain to ascend a height Double Ninth Festival, the annual hiker is not less than 200,000 people. Among them many young men and women, still in the mountaineering on Double Ninth Festival eve, all through the night.

Festival of the litchi
Litchi festival, every July, on the occasion of cicada chirp familiar season of litch, such cities as Zengcheng , Conghua ,etc. are a scene in joyous festival, here holds annual litchi festival respectively. During the litchi festival, besides tasting, viewing and admire the unique high-quality fruit of this kind of south of the Five Ridges of litchi, still hold song and dance performance, sports performance , arts and photography, book fair, goods exhibiting and selling such activities as trade negotiated. Since 1990, Zengcheng has held the festival of litchies every year, the township of the litchi enjoyed a widespread reputation especially, visitors at home and abroad whose name to hung the green in Muxu garden reaches Zengcheng are in an endless stream. Trade company still negotiate the business here, pave the way and put up a bridge, promote the development of local economy together.

Festival of the lotus
Lotus section, Guangzhou lotus festival that hold every October, visitor reach Fanyu city view and admire lotus one after another, taste lotus plant food, view and admire other comprehensive entertainment travel the activity, it is happy. The lotus calls the lotus flower, cottonrose hibiscus too, is a kind of economy plant. The lotus is graceful, slim and graceful, emerge unstained from the filth, flower fragrant one hundred meters of lotus pools, has always praise by people. The seed that the lotus forms calls the lotus seeds, is a kind of high-quality food; Its stem is a lotus root, have very high nutritive value and edible value, can be as vegetables , lotus root starch , candied fruit food ,etc. . Fanyu holds festival of the lotus in the locality abounds with the foundation of the lotus flower. Through holding the folk festival celebration activity of this type, open a way with economy, the trade and business set up the stage, promote the development of travel and economic undertaking.

Dragon Boat Festival (the dragon boat festival )
It is fifth day of the fifth lunar month of lunar calendar, go to the river surface of the Zhu Jiang River of people's bridge to hold the dragon boat condition to cross the activity in the urban area sea pearl bridge of Guangzhou. When the time comes, the whole town turns out in the urban area of Guangzhou, seething with people, lively and outstanding. Visitor who participate the dragon boat match, can participate in "wash dragon boat water", "bag not fragrant will be hung", "taste it dragon boat dinner",etc. custom folk activity multiple at the same time.

Dragon boat festival of Guangdong
The dragon boat regatta has a history of thousands of years in Guangzhou. Every Dragon Boat Festival, should hold the activity of dragon-boat racing on the Dragon Boat Festival. A kind of activity with very strong artistry. The dragon boat regatta has been turned into a kind of sports match activity. The dragon boat regatta activity develops to become the dragon boat festival of Guangdong only now and the Dragon Boat Festival. From the beautiful river surface of the Zhu Jiang River in 1995, hold the International invitational dragon boat tournament of Guangzhou every year. Come from the locate of Guangzhou and all parts of the country, Dozens of dragon boats of countries, and even U.S.A., Australia, Singapore, Canada etc. area, swing the boat and participate in the contest on the Zhu Jiang River. Time as long as several long hour.

The Lantern Festival
The Lantern Festival is the great festival during the Spring Festival. Have much characteristic of noise the Lantern Festival in Guangzhou can make visitor felt strong local flavor and local sentiment, especially the night of the Lantern Festival, light bright to draw while being brilliant all over the city, every main traffic arterial highway and travel scene is it shed as the sea to light a lamp, limitless spring scenery are to the limit here. It is the custom when years old of the native in Guangzhou on the Lantern Festival to make a noise. The lunar calendar is the folk Lantern Festival of China on the 15th of the first month every year, also call the Lantern Festival. It is long-standing that the lantern fair moves about on the Lantern Festival in Guangzhou. At Nanhan dynasty, The night of the Lantern Festival in Guangzhou is in the tower (six banyan flower tower, called the Sheli tower at that time) of Long-life temple (namely six banyan temple of today), fire all over lamps and candles from head to foot, light compared with moon, wish bumper harvest year, called "Comparable to the monthly lantern fair"
A lot of Lamp decoration variety in the Lantern Festival, have palace lantern, silk material light, insert gauze lantern, revolving scenic lamp, pictograph paper pitch light, flowers and fruits light, dragon lantern and light floor ,etc. mainly. Dragon lantern and the floor of light are large-scale color lamps, by the dragon lantern that dozens of lanterns joined, can also play with the dance and parade in the street!
In fact, Guangzhou "the lantern fair of the Lantern Festival" is an exhibition of a folk color lamp. The Lantern Festival lantern fair held in Guangzhou during the Spring Festival, except putting the lamp decoration of Guangzhou in exhibition, Yuexiu Park, martyrs' park and Cultural Park, Guangzhou cultural park, also hold the lantern fairs of ZiGong of Sichuan, DaTong of Shanxi and other places frequently.

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