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"Food in Guangzhou" is not the lies, the Guangzhou vegetable is the main body and representative of the Guangdong vegetable, the Guangzhou catering business is second to none in the nation, has one large quantities of experiences the old shop and the emerging famous shop which hundred years but does not fade, traditional and the innovation famous cuisine, the famous spot, the famous snack, famous flavor food is too numerous to cite individually. Delicious tunnel restaurant often all in old city, like the east mountainous area, Yuexiu District, Li Bay area, but the newly developed Tainhe area does not have many. The plate luck road, the Chiangnan west road, the benefit luck east road and so on called on "street with many food shops", a group is arranging big and small food shops. Some several restaurants in the native are extremely well-known, like the Guangzhou wineshop Manchus and han Chinese entire bamboo mat, north the garden wineshop time fruit beautiful spot, divides the brook wineshop the dessert feast, south garden wineshop the Chaozhou vegatable, Datong wineshop gold medal skin suckling pig, Dong Jiang seafood wineshop, lucky building wineshop, loving kindness wineshop and so on, has many branch stores, but the lotus fragrant building, happy occupies and so on the old shop also is worth as soon as going.
Guangzhou's soup has developed one kind to have the rich local characteristic the culture, even if does not have precious soup material, only several hours boil, also let the soup change fragrant sufficiently thick mellow and fresh.
Guangzhou's snack also is well-known the four directions, on the Beijing road has the famous cow's haslet shop, the fruit juice shop, but also has snack the and so on supply gruel, powder, surface, tea with milk tea dining room. About nine groups, west turn off area the street with many food shops to have the old Guangzhou style the snack and the dessert, The double skin milk of Nanxin, nearby the street the car cow's haslet, Ou Cheng recorded the cloud to swallow the surface, Wu Zhan records the congee with meat lively and so on extremely, usually was the small shop crammed full person, could not find the seat, but no problem, that many shop, passed through to change again, each family flavor is different, very interesting; On the valuable Chinese road has an commonplace noodle shop, there does the pig's front trotters surface, the sirloin surface are outstanding.in the Guangzhou wheaten food .

Recommendation eating place

Flows the flower "the gruel city"
It is located Guangzhou Liuhua lake park the gruel city is the place which a scale quite big sips gruel, the Guangzhou person likes sipping gruel, not only the variety is many, moreover boils the gruel the method also very much to be fastidious, goes to the wet gruel, the preserved egg lean meat gruel, the pig liver gruel, the sampan gruel... ... Several dozens kinds, eat the gruel in the gruel city also to be possible one side to burn the gas stove to place nearby the table to boil directly are eating, also may eat here fish head soup, eats while boils, may eat to the midnight.

The sand noodles
This is Guangzhou's embassy area, is the good place of the western-style food, can find the feeling of living in the European, the careful design, the graceful environment, have concentrated such many western-style dines, chooses at will.

Tianhe area, Tianhe city
Is Guangzhou quite upscale dines, quite many Hunan vegetable, like my family Hunan restaurant, the Hunan restaurant, the guest home cooking, grass Chinese style pavilion western-style dines and so on quite is all famous.

The food street of fragrant village street
It is located in the fragrant village area, what the fragrant village underground station exportation, is most famous is Donkey meat, other has the Zhanjiang vegetable, various types Cantonese cuisine.

Characteristic fruit

Guangzhou's fruit variety has 500 many kinds, by litchi chinensis, banana, Chinese flowering quince, pineapple distribution broadest, output most, the quality is best, by reputation for Lingnan four given names fruits. In addition, but also has the mango, the carambola, the pomegranate, the longan, the green olive, the Myrica rubra, the pineapple, three Hua Li, the watermelon and so on.? Guangzhou is situated at the subtropics, the tropics subtropics fruit variety is many, throughout the year all has the fresh fruit to go on the market, therefore has the praise of "The fruit town" According to the investigation, Guangzhou's fruit has 40 branches, 77 kinds, 132 kind and the variety, more than 500 varieties, in which introduces domestic and foreign improved seeds 33. The famous variety has the Zengcheng litchi, chinensis yellow, ascends the pineapple, the Luo hillock navel orange, the stone gorge longan, the fragrant village colored sweet carambola and so on.

The litchi known as "fruit king", its fruit shape is unique, the face is red and pleasing, the pulp form is sweet and strong like the congealed fat. The improved seeds have polished glutinous rice, Guiwei, imperial concubine to smile , hang green etc., and with plentiful the Huaihe River one, probably accounts for 70%-80% of total output . The litchi is the precious fruit in the subtropical zone, one of four major famous fruits of south of the Five Ridges. Quality is the best with the Guiwei and polished glutinous rice. The Guiwei fragile and sweet and captivating with meat, but polished glutinous rice many bad smell strong to famous for with core little meat thick juice. Old Israel "The polished glutinous rice in Pen village", "The Guiwei in Luogang ", "The hang geen in Zengcheng", these three called "three outstanding in Lichi". The "The hang geen in Zengcheng" is most valuable in "three outstanding", It is offered as tribute by royal court.

"Zengcheng hang green"
"Zengcheng hang green", outer cover bring green in being red, a little green six for four points shares out bonus, each litchi surrounds a green line, the pulp is pure white, sparkling and crystal-clear, sweet and delightful, keep fragrant to mention, the flavor is unique.

Mandarin orange
Orange, Mandarin orange, tangerine, lemo , orange and shaddock are a big class in the fruit. Mandarin orange is one of Guangzhou famous fruit, mandarin orange is one evergreen bush or little arbor, open the white flower at the end in the spring, summer, autumn, the fruit is oblate, red or orange, sweet acid of flavor. The orange main improved seeds of the mandarin orange in the area of Guangzhou are as follows, dark willow orange, several broadleaf plants mandarin orange, mandarin orange, bright red mandarin orange, four meeting mandarin orange, mandarin orange, annual tangerine, the Xinhui sweet orange etc.

White sugarcane of Tanzhou state
Fanyu city is abounds with sugarcane, been called " sweet capital", and the white sugarcane produced in the Tanzhou county has won fame both at home and abroad especially of candy. The white sugarcane color and luster of Tanzhou is bluish white, the thin meat of peel is fragile, how sweet the juice is, there are few fibres, can eat as the fruit, have efficiency of clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst.

Originally known as pineapples, originate in Brazil, introduce to China in the 16th century, there are more than 70 varieties, one of four major famous fruits of south of the Five Ridges. Its fruit takes the form of drum, the peel of the pineapple has numerous flower devices (commonly called as fruit eyes or the chicken with pineapple), hard and thorny, must dig after peeling before eating. There is three times in one year in the pineapple, it is best that quality is ripe by June to August. It is fresh to eat raw with the fruit color, the shape of the fruit is good, the fruit body is solid, that ripe degree is 80% is good. The common variety of the pineapple is supernatural gulf kind, Bali kind and Sarawak a kind of three kinds, and the candy heart pineapple which the fruit grower in Guangzhou cultivated meticulously is best in recent years.

"Candy heart pineapple"
"The candy heart pineapple" belongs to Sarawak kind. Plant and have another name called "Hawaii" in Sarawak, the fruit weighs two or three kilograms, fruit eyes are heavy and shallow, can eat after generally peeling. Its fruit shape is good, the pulp is soft and smooth and juicy, sweet and sour and moderate, eat raw and make the improved seeds of the can.

Scientific name is papaya, has another name called long-life fruit it is one of four major famous fruits of south of the Five Ridges, there is title of "the fruit king of south of the Five Ridges". Papaya's original in Mexico, introduces to our country in the 17th century. The papaya is the evergreen cork arbor of papaya department, called "the fruit tree of tropical three major herbaceous" with the banana, pineapple together. Its fruit shape is long and round and plump, there are few thick seeds of meat, there is fragrant smell of sweet-scented osmanthus. The papaya fruit is very large, its fruit weighs just a few kilograms, the big one can be up to six or seven kilograms. Its fruit is eaten raw, the taste is beautiful, nutritious; Can also stew the food, the stewed papaya of crystal sugar can empty worries and moisten the lung, cure such illness as the laryngitis,etc.; Ripe papaya can candy steep, make vegetables stew soup eat, it is make salty "sour papaya" wait to salt down.

In famous fruit of plantain in Wangqinsha
The famous fruit in Guangzhou, have plantain with belonging to the several broadleaf plants. Twanqinsha besides abounding with bananas, abound with plantain too, "red mouth green parrot" its plantain is one of famous and precious variety. Several broadleaf plants its fruit color and luster golden yellow, there is a green line by the several broadleaf plants, the several broadleaf plants handle still keeps dark green when being very ripe, the fruit top is mauve, so have this name.

The banana of Wanqinsha
Banana is one of four major famous fruits of south of the Five Ridges. The quantity is second only to the citrus, litchi, pineapple in plant. Its pulp is soft and sweet and delicious, have unique fragrance, there is efficiency of relaxing bowel, lowering the blood pressure, preventing the vascular sclerosis etc.. The bananas of Wanqinsha in Fanyu are produced on the sandy earth , its fruit has strong fragrant smell.

longan in Shixia
Longan, its rectify name is longan. It is perennial evergreen arbor plant, Ripe in summer that spring bloom. Its fruit is spherical, the shell is yellowish or brown, the pulp is white and transparent, many juice and the taste is sweet. It is one of the good fruits of south of the Five Ridges. Shelly longan even can shine to Long eyes do to bake over a slow fire to process also (namely dried longan pulp), it is one that have calm nourishing crude drugs of function.

White olive
Still produce the white olive in Zengcheng. Can make various kinds of cool fruit little food, Like we love licorice root olive, gentle and amiable olive, hot pepper olive of food, take leather olive, sweet-scented osmanthus olive and hygiene olive ,etc. on ordinary days, steep with the salt, salt down with the candy, or in addition, spices and food coloring ,etc., the one that is processed by a series of processes and become .

The mango
Mango are that the Anacardiaceae belongs to mango, enjoy laudatory title of "the tropical fruit king". The mango tree is the evergreen arbor, the tree is 10-20 meters tall, main root is thick , button head shape of the tree crown. The fruit takes the form of spherical or kidney, light green or yellowish. Its fruit gravy many and the taste is sweet, can eat raw or make the preserved fruit, press and make mango and juice. It is said Xiamangxiangmang introduce planting from the other places on Kang Xi Year of Qing Dynasty, determine as the tribute because of having good quality. Now, real famous brand fragrant awn tree have only several, charge fruit only 1,000 several hundred every year, extremely precious.

Yang's peach
Yang's peach have another name called the "carambola", "the fruit of carambola" of scientific name, because cross section like five-pointed star, call that "star pear" also abroad. It is one of the plain and well-known good fruits of south of the Five Ridges. The fruit form of the carambola is special, the color is jade green and light yellow, the peel is thin like the membrane, there are many fragile slippery juices of meat, sweet and sour and delicious. Besides sucking 10 percent candies, also contain abundant vitamin A and C. Main variety is "superintend and direct sweet carambola", "sharp to superintend and direct sweet carambola", "sour carambola" 3 kinds.

The guava originates
The guava originates in America; Introducing to Guangzhou has a history of more than 200 years. There are the varieties with early-maturing day, the palace is pink, the gold is red, born red, in Julying etc.. The fruit become shape of calabashes more, blue and green or pale yellow, blue and green and comfortable and fragrant and sweet, the flavor is unique. Can eat raw, can make pomegranate can or soft-packing beverage . The famous ones include large pool guava.

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