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Guangzhou is one of the first famous historical and cultural cities in whole country of the promulgation in State Department. As early as 4,000 to 5,000 years ago when was in Neolithic, the first people lived the interest to multiply greatly on this land, uncovered the early page of the humanities history of Guangzhou. According to the historical records, in Zhou Dynasty, people of Baiyue here and people in Chu Country who were in the middle of the Yangtze River had already had the friendly intercourse, especially setting up Chu Court to memorial this kind of comity, there is the memorial arch of Chu Court of thou in Yuexiu Mountain now. Chuting was the earliest name of Guangzhou. 214 B.C., in the south of Pingling, Ren Xiao built up the Fanou City which was so called Renxiao City here, jotting down for the Jianshi City of the true historical record of Guangzhou, it had already had for 2213 years from now. At the beginning of Han, Zhao Tuo set up the Nanyue Country in the Lingnan, cheese site Fanou for the capital, which established Guangzhou for the center city position in Lingnan, South Han and South Ming which were two feudalism dynasties also found the capital here.
In the period of East Han, Nanhai County belonged to Jiaozhou to rule over. In 226 A.D., Sun Quan of Wu Country cut the eastern region of Jiaozhou to establish Guangzhou, it was to cure Jiao and Guang separately. He asked Lu Dai to be the official of Guangzhou. They compound soon, in 264 A.D., thet were to cure separately again, become the system henceforth. After they were to cure separately, moved the government from Guangxin to Fanou, Guangzhou took "wide" word of the Guangxin namely. Guangzhou had name from here and since then. Guangzhou is called the Yangcheng or Huicheng again. It is said that there were 5 fairies in the ancient times, riding the many colors fairy sheep, the sheep title wheat, condescend to come to Chuting, gave the wheat to the common people, and wished it always has no famine here. Today, those five sheep statues of Yuexiu Park are the symbol of Guangzhou.
Guangzhou is a hero city which has the glorious revolution tradition. In the modern history, there were the anti- English conflict that the people of Sanyuanli resisted the imperialism to invade, the the1911Revolution that was to object the leadership of feudalism rule by Sun Zhongshan which is namely Huanghuagang Uprising and Guangzhou Uprising of Communist Party of China leadership. So, Guangzhou since is the plan source ground of the Chinese propertied class democracy revolution, is the hero city that the proletariat political party leaded people's crowd to carry on the revolution conflict again.

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