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Guangzhou is located in the subtropical zone, there is no heat in summer, there is no severe cold in winter, the climate is pleasant in four seasons, it is the big city where the national annual average difference in temperature is minimum besides Kunming. The moist much rain of Guangzhou of spring, hot slightly in summer, will often have typhoons; Temperature is suitable in autumn, it is nice and cool and windy, the fair weather can last to December and November, most suitable for traveling, so 10-12 month is the best season for travelling; Slightly cold in winter but time is short, when it is snowy in the North, can pass the winter to wear a sweater in Guangzhou. Should travel every year all besides midsummer.

Note: Must get a around to buy good things by shopping, bargain to do shopping in Guangzhou, certainly there are more than one for the thing which you want, enjoyment of buying the good and cheap thing and realizing and doing shopping in Guangzhou. And roam leisurely in each shopping street, the goods buying oneself and liking, experience people writing style feeling of Guangzhou, it is said the culture of Guangzhou must be experienced in going shopping.

Language: The extremely rich local characteristic of courteous term of the people in Guangzhou, the stranger comes for the first time to get the words of hearing, the regular meeting is confused. The possibility with supreme frequency of utilization is in Guangzhou native language "well to deserve", mean "thanks", sometimes it is too writings "trouble", "please" to use. In Guangzhou, before asking people to help or give a way, say first "well to deserve". "it ii shine to bother" is spoken language to get somebody office ask him help spent at acting on one's behalf a certain thing, meaning of two layers that it includes the thanks and sorry. "please in order to below" mean "please give by some face". "whether you in order to piece" namely "show due respect for one's feelings". The above is a commonly used courteous word in the communication occasion, you might as well as learn several, can unquestionably use then.

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