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Guangzhou is the provincial capital of Guangdong Province, politics of the whole province, science and technology , cultural center. Located in the southeast of province, the northern fringe of Zhujiang River Delta, the range is 112 degrees of east longitudes, enclose among 22 degrees in the north latitude, is close to the South China Sea, adjoin Hong Kong and Macao, it is the regional key city and pivot of correspondence of the traffic and the trade port , pivot of correspondence of the traffic of South China, it is " south gate " of China. total population is 7,251,900, set up 118 subdistrict offices, 78 towns altogether. There are more than 1,820,000 people of floating population every day on average in urban area. Guangzhou terrain is the Northeast high, southwest is low, the north and Northeast are the mountain area, the middle part is the hills and tableland, the south is a alluvial plain in Zhujiang River Delta. Guangzhou belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate, there is no heat in summer , there is no severe cold in winter, the rainfall is plentiful , it's like spring all the year round, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. The whole average temperature of the whole year is 20-22 ?, relative humidity 77 on average, annual rainfall in the urban area is more than 1.600 mm.

Natural resources: Guangzhou have found 50 more than ores already at present, main producing area is 396 place, large-and-middle-scale ore among them order is 17 office. The plant kind is up to thousands of kinds. The wild animal nearly has more than 210 kinds, more than 150 kinds birds, more than 40 kinds beasts, more than 20 kinds of animals of the amphibian animal among them. Guangzhou water areas is 74,400, account for 10 percent of the whole city of land area, water resource total amount 8,129 million cubic meters, can develop the hydroelectric resources utilized and is up to 409,000 kilowatt. Conghua hot spring area have abundant groundwater, temperature is Centigrade 50- 70, suck the abundant mineral substance. The cereal crops takes high-quality rice as the core, two crops a year. The industrial crops take vegetables, fruit , flowers as the core. Guangzhou is the " township of fruit ", large subtropical fruit variety have litchi, longan, banana, papaya, yellow ski , carambola and so on one south of the Five Ridges little fruit. The flowers in Guangzhou and potted landscape rely mainly on the fact that it is overcast to grow the view leaf plant, top-grade potted flower, cut flowers , potted landscape of south of the Five Ridges freshly with a long standing reputation, overcast to catch view leaf plant occupy national market over half, red palm, butterfly blue, poinsettia,etc. potted landscape already become the nationwide production base, the potted landscape still finds a good sale in such overseas markets as America and Europe ,etc..
One has the cultural well-known city with long history for more than 2200 years in Guangzhou. As far back as the ninth century B.C. Zhou dynasty, here " one hundred " people and the people of Chu in Changjiang River of state of being middling already have association, specially building " the Chu front yard ", this is the earliest name of Guangzhou. Qin Shihuang 33 years(B.C.214 year) unify the south of the Five Ridges then building the South China Sea prefecturing (the prefecture cured and set up it in " Fanyu ", now Guangzhou), by A.D. 226, Sun Quan, in order to rule, Divide the Jiao state into Jiao state and Guangzhou two part, " Guangzhou " gains the name from this originally. The drawing room of municipal government was established until 1921 , just referred in particular to this city of Guangzhou.
The overseas Chinese's township, Guangzhou is the township of a famous overseas Chinese in our country, it is the city which have the most overseas Chinese. The statistics show, there are 1,350,000 overseas villagers, overseas Chinese, 520,000 Chinese of foreign nationality among them in the whole city, distributed in 116 countries and regions in the world mainly, there are Hong Kong and Macao Compatriot 830,000, returned overseas Chinese, relatives of nationals living abroad, relatives of Hong Kong and Macao Compatriot are more than 1 million. The masses of overseas Chinese, Chinese of foreign nationality, Hong Kong and Macao Compatriot always support the construction of the hometown of the motherland enthusiastically, especially since the reform and opening-up of our country, they have given play to the role of bridge actively, explore world market for Guangzhou, has advanced and made contributions with the economy and cultural exchanges from all parts of the world. They still help the hometown public service enthusiastically, have built a batch of schools, hospital, home for the aged, nursery, kindergarten ,etc.. 1998, 21 overseas Chinese making the outstanding contributions construction of two civilizations and contacts with outside world of our city, Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao Compatriot and foreign friendly personage are awarded the ninth batch of emeritus citizen's title in Guangzhou, so far, there are 161 emeritus citizens in Guangzhou.

Characteristic of Guangzhou: Guangzhou is a metropolis full of modern senses, full of vigor, also keeping the remote ancient customs, it is one of the 24 historical cultural cities of the whole country where the State Council announces in the first batch, it is the national outstanding tourist city too. Hills are green and waters are clear here, the scene is charming, natural landscape and human cultural sight bring out the best in each other, town conditions and customs and modern city view set off , is a place that is worth going very much.

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