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Traffic of scenic spot of hot spring of Conghua
Get on the bus to Conghua in the city automobile terminal (station of county of suburb) , down to the station of street corner, and then change trains to the hot spring of Conghua.

Traffic of scenic spot of mountain of the lotus flower
Guangzhou city sea pearl district Dajitou, Guangzhou bus station or main road to Fanyu city bridge (6-10 yuan) by bus, rotate and go to by bus of special line (3-4 yuan ) again, can go by ship directly at the quay of west dyke .

Traffic of black garden of treasure
The automobile terminal of Guangzhou (the suburb county station) reaches the black garden of the treasure, 6 buses every day, 8: 00, 9: 10, 10: 20, 11: 50, 14: 20, 15: 40.

Traffic of national Forest Park of small stream and river that flows
City west road Guangzhou automobile terminal take car to Conghua street corner in ring, is it shed the river Forest Park of small stream to transfer car directness to. The street corner has class 16 to open each day, from 8 o'clock in the morning to 6 o'clock in the evening, invite class one for every half an hour.

Traffic of scenic spot of Furongzhang
Automobile terminal of Guangzhou - --Furongzhang

Chen Cun flowers world traffic
Terminal of sweet-smelling village - --Flowers world special line big bus of Chen Cun. head cars: 8: 00, end cars: 22 :00, 20 minutes every bus.

Traffic of Lake mountain
Can take No. 8 or 15 and direct pot lake mountains from the urban area of Zhaoqing. Can take the big bus at the bus stop of the province from Guangzhou to Zhaoqing, every half an hour one bus , the drive is two hours, can go to the lake mountain of the pot directly.

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