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Want Guangzhou most luxurious department store, it is goes to be can only beautiful cypress square to calculate to come to calculate. " beautiful cypress " hero crouch Guangzhou city core commercial location surround city east distance, do shopping in the commercial circles with the hotel , four-star white cloud hotel and Friendship Store and top-grade brand together forming the top of Guangzhou of new field of World Trade Organization of five-star garden.
The shop connects with the shop in the street, paves paving in succession in Guangzhou, and embark on journey into a city, therefore has formed a lot of business streets with characteristics. Yide road is the famous seafood dried food and nuts street; Red cotton market of railway station and high street whether clothing authorize for dispatch retailer place for gatering; Nine- ten way pedestrian street and Beijing way pedestrian street lively common people shopping street just from head to foot; The jade article, impractical branch, mahogany furniture in the forest temple jade article street of Hualin; The gentle road cultural street of Wende road have the ancient goods, secondhand book , birds and flowers' water flea; Buy the electric apparatus to the Haiyin the electric apparatus city; Buy the cloth to the Haiyin cloth market ..Get to " One street " do shopping, in bustling with activity stream of people, among the building in old a peculiar one, can not only can get a good buy by shopping around incorporate the town culture of Guangzhou heartily but also, feel the joys of doing shopping conscientiously.
Guangzhou is not only the world of light stand little world of shop of wholesale market, people of impression not merely. Guangzhou does not lack the luxurious large-scale market as the modernized city. The Milky Way square of the new urban area is locals' proudest shopping center, incorporate do shopping, rest , amusement , diet into an organic whole, offer the good shopping environment. Nearby CITIC square is the top-grade first-selection that did shopping too.
Certainly, get Guangzhou not to forget some local product of Guangzhou to do shopping, cool tea, stock, Guangzhou embroidery , wide color , wide to carve ..Will let you recall the day staying in Guangzhou .

Some more famous shopping places

Name Address Main shop
The road shopping center of Beijing Beijing road Guangzhou emporium , big new company new
Nine 10 shopping center just from head to foot Li Gulf district wineshop of Guangzhou , Tao Tao occupy
The long dyke commercial center on the north bank of the Zhu Jiang River southern mansion department store and Huaxia Company
East mountain shopping center regard Department Store of east mountain as the centre east mountain Department Store , east shop , overseas Chinese of mountain
Hongde road commercial center south of Renming bridge Hongde emporium, Wenxing cultural goods
Jingnan commercial center southern side of the sea pearl bridge Huahai building, sea pearl shopping center
Flow in the colored shopping center the railway station area of Guangzhou several of large-scale clothing market
Tianhe new shopping center lie in the Tianhe new urban area inside Tianhe city square , CITIC square and culmination mansion
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